Mathnary offers state of art products:

  • Mathnary Dealer Management System(DealerMS)
    • This sofware is using to manage a used car business. (PRICE)
  • Mathnary Travel Agency Management Software (TAM)
    • This sofware is using to manage a travel agency business.
  • IVR (Interactive Voice Recognition) system- We design custom made state of art IVR or VOIP (conference server / office PBX or Intercom)
  • Web Applications with modern design
  • e-Commerce website - we build online store.
  • Desktop Applications
  • Mobile Applications
  • PolyEMR (Electronic Medical Record)
  • RANDOMTEST - Random drug test system including billing, compliance reports, auto-call receiver center.
  • Auto call generator system ( appointment Appointment Reminder (automated)
    Service will save you money! (both ways: from the patient side for not showing up empty chair cost and business side caller employee salary)
    Call us for more details at 941-704-4379
    , payment reminder and marketing etc. purposes)
  • E-mail marketing (Daily downloading, NEW business contact (Registered in FL) - get it - before others!)
  • U.S. Mailing Address Fixer
  • icd10 Medical billing codes (2018) t-SQL or mySQL or CSV table-script sales only $100.
  • TRACK CARGO CONTAINERS and Drivers (example) - call for demo
  • CompCheck - to print on check stock or blank paper FREE (cloud), Nur Academy is using it. - contact to register
  • Restaurant - POS (Point Of Sale) set up, Website-payment integration, digital menu board and drive thru audio system
  • Network setup, technical maintenance, data backup, data recovery, software installation, and other back-end tech support.

Customers & Partners

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